About Us

The idea for Storybits grew out of a simple observation. Despite the explosive growth of the audiobooks over the past half dozen years, an underserved segment exists within the digital audio marketplace. Short stories and other short works, including articles, poetry, and essays, don't really have a home in narrative form. With the gradual disappearance of periodicals that publish fiction and the radical disruption of the entire magazine industry, the short story—as an art form or pure entertainment—has largely disappeared, except as something you can find in collections. You can find examples of short stories sprinkled around on that monolith of the audiobook world, Audible, but you have to deliberately seek them out as rarities submerged within the legions of novels.  

With smartphones rapidly surpassing desktop and laptop machines in the computer world, we think there's a place for shorter works. Listening to a 30-minute audio reading of a short story while commuting home or relaxing in the backyard or doing dishes or getting a workout at the gym seems like a perfect venue for the medium.

So, we've assembled a team, and since this is the age of the Internet, it's a virtual team spread out across the US, composed of a mix of highly experiences veterans, as well as talented newcomers to the trade, skilled at audio narration, music production, audio editing, digital media production, graphic arts, fine arts, app development, and a whole spectrum of related web skills. We plan to produce short audio works for sale, for free distribution, and also to offer audio production services to others.

Our vision—building of an ecosystem of talented individuals and producers dedicated to reviving the short story in audio form—is a powerful one. You can call it our mission, if you're into mission statements. Stay with us as the story unfolds and enjoy the journey.

Audio Production Services

To those individuals or small publishing firms who would like convert a story, novel, non-fiction work, or backlist into an audio narration, we offer audio production services suited to your requirements. Visit our sponsor, Lightspeed Publishing LLC, for more information about available services.  You can also listen to sample narrations for fiction and non-fiction topics.