A-to-Z by Susan Glaspell

Read by Jannie Meisberger, A-to-Z is the story of a young woman recently graduated from college who confronts the bewildering realities of the working world.  

The author of this short story, Susan Glaspell, was an independent spirit who earned acclaim for her literary works, plays, and theater accomplishments. She and her husband, George Cram Cook, founded the Provincetown Players, a theater group devoted to promoting American dramatists, operating from 1916 - 1922. Glaspell was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Alison's House, a play that is still performed today. 

Her most famous work, Trifles, is regarded as a classic feminist play that often appears in anthologies and was later reworked into a short story, A Jury of Her Peers.

For more information about her novels, short stories, and plays, visit the Susan Glaspell Society site

In writing ... remember that the biggest stories are not written about wars, or about politics, or even murders. The biggest stories are written about the things which draw human beings closer together.
— Susan Glaspell | Little Masks