A Night Among the Horses by Djuna Barnes

Read by Sarah Lipton, A Night Among the Horses, published in The Little Review in 1919, is a short story for which modernist and suffragette Djuna Barnes is perhaps best known. It was later released in a collection of stories with the same title in 1929.

Barnes was also an illustrator with an eccentric style and a journalist who took an active role in pursuing her storylines. One example is submitting to force feeding in 1914 as part of an article for New York World Magazine titled "How It Feels to Be Forcibly Fed," a practice that was being inflicted on suffragettes in Britain.

For insights into her career, this audio segment and article produced by NPR, "Embracing the Quirkiness of Djuna Barnes," covers her unusual childhood, rise to artistic success in several genres, and literary accomplishments.

I like my human experience served up with a little silence and restraint. Silence makes experience go further and, when it does die, gives it that dignity common to a thing one had touched and not ravished.
— Djuna Barnes